We support fun and productive lifestyles

We started life as one of the premier email newsletters for a fun and productive lifestyle. It’s where you can count on seeing trending entertainment news mixed with the latest and greatest products you’ve seen on TV.

It’s a fun format that we mix with useful product reviews, videos and promotions for a host of As Seen On TV products.

From cutting-edge cooking videos to product reviews and the latest trends in healthy living, our editorial staff researches and consolidates information that connects you and your family to a productive and fun-loving lifestyle.

Our mission is to encourage customers to adapt to a healthier, stress free, more convenient lifestyle. We help our customers achieve this by valuable information combined with revolutionary products offered at a phenomenal value.

The only products we will ever recommend are products that we can honestly stand behind 100% – products that we believe in and use ourselves.

If we haven’t used the product first-hand, found it to be of exceptional quality, AND believe it will help you without a shred of doubt, then we won’t recommend it. Period.

Stacy Johnson

CEO, BoughtonTV.com

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